This is one of the organisations ways of helping the masses and the needy in the society, especially our youths. This scholarship would be majorly need based. 
A trust fund is been opened by SAGE leadership to take care of this scheme.
This scholarship would cover students from primary schools to tertiary institutions. The Modus Operandi of this scheme would be carried out by members of the scholarship committee of this organisation.
Students can also apply through our website, and our committee would see to it.




SAGE charity opening was established to cater for children with down syndrome, Orphans, disable people and street children across the nation. With this charity funds we can be able to support this people in any way we can. This charity openings would be done every year from zones to zones.



Distance Learning

.  This project seeks to establish and develop Distance Learning Centers using, as possible, solar

power and satellite link in populated rural areas of Nigeria to be a Model

Alternative Learning System offering on site basic literacy and vocational

education, and post secondary education via the Internet.

Mentor me Project

This is a student interaction project, where a mentor gets to meet a mentee and the former grooms the later


This project was birthed to promote and enhance International Relations, education, cultural exchange
and world peace across the globe





This award ceremony is to  Celebrate deserving Africans who has created lasting impact in their choosing endeavours by immortalising them and presentation of awards to them at the end of every year.


To  Train the Nigerian youths towards sound leadership and selfless service. By promoting meritrocracy in lieu of mediocrity in the discharge of public duties. And also organising leadership seminars, workshops and symposiums including online webcast with registered members and weekly newsletter from SAGE President.