SAGE Africa is a Non-Governmental organization, birthed from a deep-seated desire to raise future leaders while seeking  to promote meritocracy in lieu of mediocrity in the discharge of the responsibilities of public office!



Rescue Our NationProject



Its our plan to make your dream come alive by making sure that we rid the society of all ills that befall people’s dream  in the society thereby  killing their dreams before its birth or making it that of a still-birth. 

This is a cause, not just for some sect  in the society but for all Nigerians. Its unarguably known that we have  cried, scream and shed tears daily because of societal mishaps, but our voices are never heard because its just like a lone voice in the wilderness. SAGE is bringing all this voices together, those living in the capital hill and those living in the forgotten corners of the nation to chant and forge this cause as one because thats where our strength lies. And so that together we can reclaim this lost nation of ours and put it  once again on the threshold of greatness.


Support this initiatives by giving any little you can to help save poverty striken homeless children in Nigeria and Africa at Large. The Scripture says the giver is more blessed than

the receiver.

We call on all agent of change from all across the globe, most especially in africa to get involved in this laudable project.Together we can cause a change! Yes we can!!

We are deeply committed towards rescuing Nigeria and the continent of Africa at large from the cankerworm that has eaten deep the fabric of the nation, though bad leadership, corruption in all sector and abject poverty. We see a future in which an average nigeria wakes up in the morning and says 'God bless Nigeria'