You don't have to bring a child into your home before you help sponsor one. Now we have created a platform in which you can adopt a child but the child would still remain in the orphanage. All you have to do is pay for the child upkeep and you could get to visit the child from time to time at the ophanage home and see how he is fareing. You too can support a child today, right there at the ophanage home without the stress of looking after the child.



Do you consider yourself a source of inspiration to people around you or are you asuming thers's nothing you could do to help the vulnerable people around you because you lack finiances? Here is the good news, you too can be a volunteer today by joining us in this campaign. There are so many other ways you could be useful. Click on the contact page and mail us now.


Individuals like you in the past has written their names in gold by helping to provide shelter and orpanage homes for street children. You too can divert some of your reasourses into establishing a training school for less previledge children and have your name written on the sand of time. You too can make a difference..



This is a way your company and business venture can give back to the society, by sponsoring any of our projects through your donations. SAGE is a great place for you to tell your story and also our users and audience know a little more about your business.


You too can make an impact with your Donations by helping us to help others.


Our yet unborn future generation are all counting on you