It is a map indication how wide our scope of operation goes


 SAGE AFRICA conglomerates change agents across Nigeria with the fundamental objective of
restoring Integrity and Sanity back to the nation's value system.
SAGE Africa was birthed as an interventionist organisation
having seen and observe the extent of the repudiation of our nation's values and
humanistic regression in the society; which has thoroughly debased the value of
human life with devastating effect upon sense of morality, and the need to quickly
reverse the intolerable and degrading conditions.
SAGE Africa also focus on youth leadership development, and has successfully
conducted her programs across the country in fulfilment of this noble mandate

At SAGE we are passionate about  establishing or assisting in the provision and promotion of feeding programs and/or homes for street children, AIDS victims, orphans, etc by rental and/or construction of homes, maintenance, and support of such programs.


 To establish and develop Distance Learning Canters using, as possible, solar

power and satellite link in populated rural areas of Nigeria to be a Model

Alternative Learning System offering on site basic literacy and vocational

education, and post secondary education via the Internet.


To promote and enhance International Relations, education, cultural exchange

and world peace across the globe through "Mentor me Programme", a

student interaction project, where a mentor get to meet a mentee and the former grooms the later.


 To encourage self sufficiency through micro enterprise.


. To establish, equip, maintain and manage branches, and associations of the

charitable and Educational Institutions in Nigeria and other Africa countries.


To conscientise   the general populace of the Nigerian in regards to  changing their psyche towards nation building. 

To  Train the Nigerian youths towards sound leadership and selfless service.


 To  Celebrate deserving Nigerians who has created lasting impact in their choosing endeavours by immortalising them and presentation of awards to them at the end of every year.


To establish, operate and promote Charitable and Educational Institutions
Nationally and Internationally.





At SAGE we are happy been able to give back to the society and the nation at large. For us, this is more than a duty, it is a calling by God and the journey so far its been wounderful and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from users like you! Keep up to date with New Events, programs and charity openings. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback in the SAGE Forum. If you’d like to benefit from any of our projects, head to the SAGE Arena and connect with one of our orgernisational personels, they are always available to help. Or if you need more help you can simply type your questions into the Support Forum and get instant answers. To keep up to date with everything SAGE, just head to the SAGE Blog!